Let me introduce myself.  My name is Lilly Fae, and I am from the pacific NW.  I am a computer programmer and live with a roommate and our dog.  We live a very simple life, and enjoy nature, cooking, and belong to a gym.

     I believe in the fae, and angels, and have had encounters with both.  When I say, I believe, I mean just that.  I really do believe.  When enjoying the bounties of nature, it is only true, that if you sit, and listen, and are very still, you will see, hear, and know that you are surrounded by, other, than just the human race.  Thankfully!  There are many times that I do not find to many redeeming qualities in my fellow man, however, I have met a few, that are truly wonderful, and for that I am thankful.

     I enjoy just living, and letting those about me live as they see fit.  I try very hard not to be judgmental of my fellow man, no matter what course their lives take.  I do not believe that anything needs to be settled by violent means, and am a very peaceful person, or at least a peace loving person.  I try to abide by the golden rule, though it is hard sometimes...but that is the way, I try to live my life.  I do not much care what others believe, and am not an "in your face" person, and truly like that fact that not to many people within my own acquaintance, are that way, though we all have a different belief system.

     I enjoy the web very much, and am just now getting into building my pages.  I will be adding a lot more as time goes on, but for right now, I just wanted to get my loves, and so on up here for people to see.  I would like to make friends in different parts of the country, with similar, or completely different likes and dislikes, I do not care, I just love to make friends.  So please if you see these pages and are interested in being friends, let me know...send me an e-mail, and please, sign my guestbook, so that I can see your pages.  I will be adding photo's to these pages soon, so be sure to come back.



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