The Musings of Lil Fae....Beginning on 5/9/2001 

I want to begin with beliefs:  It seems to be a touchy subject on the net.  It seems that to some, we must all fit into a little neatly tied package, with all the trimmings...that we must all believe in the same way, or we will not fit into that neatly tied little package.  Well, I cannot do that, I believe that we all "believe" in something, or Someone, be it whatever your faith, or system tells you to believe in...I do not judge one, or anyone, by the way they believe, not now, not ever.  That is not my purpose in life.

I do have a system of honor, and of family.  I do not adhere to placing the things I do, or my banner on pages that display pornography, I do not by that mean, nudes, done in good taste, but I do mean, openly displaying nudes, for the purpose of sexual pleasure, on the web.  I just cannot,  for myself,  abide that.  So I would appreciate people not using my graphics on pages displaying pornography.

My belief system is just this:  I believe in a higher power...something or Someone higher than the human...I believe in living life to its fullest, while here, and I believe in an after life, be it reincarnation, or a high place, where we are truly free with no worries or cares.  I do not know, for as far as I know I have never lived this life before.  I believe in treating those stuck here, with the same courtesy that I want to be treated with.  I believe that love is the greatest gift we have.  I believe that if we each share our talents with one another, the world would be a greater place.  I just mainly believe that we should treat one another, as we want to be treated.  I do believe in other life forms...such as the fae, elves, unicorns, magical mystical forms, that help guide us along.  I also believe in Angels, and have had encounters with may want to look at my writings pages for that explanation.

Lil Fae 

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