Angels: I have encountered angels on several occasions, but the one that stands out most in my mind was a couple years back, when I had taken my father to the store to buy paint.  His arm was broken, and he suffers from terrible arthritis.  As he came out of the store, he tripped on lawn mowers that were on display, and fell, flat out on the ground.  I was unable to help him up, as he had nothing to grip, and neither did I.

As I began to think I would have to call 911 for help, a young woman dressed in a jogging suit, and not very big, approached, and just lifted my father up, as though he were nothing but a child.  As I turned to thank her, she was gone...there was no place to go that fast...she was merely gone, into thin air.  An encounter with an angel?  I think so.

More encounters to come!  




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